K MARINE throughout its presence in the shipping industry is able to present a variety of challenging and successful works.

Consisting of well established professionals of multiple specialties KMarine has the ability to deal with any kind of technical issues that will arise: ship repairs, rebuilds, troubleshooting or maintenance.

Our specialized teams are always well prepared and capable to join vessels anywhere they are asked: shipyards, anchorage or during a voyage. This ability and long-term knowledge of our teams provides us with confidence to undertake and deliver fast, reliable and quality service for any kind of vessel anywhere in the world.


  • Inspection-Overhauling-Maintenance of main propulsion and diesel engines as well as auxiliary engines of all types
  • Fuel injection systems (injection timing adjustment )
  • Turbochargers overhauling, retrofit and maintenance
  • Manufacture and recondition of machinery components (welding, reblading)
  • Supply and repair for all kind of spare parts


  • Pipe routing networks (design and installation)
  • Inspection and maintenance of piping systems
  • Fabrication of piping (aquatherm type, steel)
  • Replacement and installation of piping
  • Cold / hot water collectors
  • Water processing units (aquatherm type)
  • Network crossing for fire line and sprinkler systems
  • Supply for all kind of spare parts


  • Fire boilers
  • Gas boilers
  • Heat exchanges
  • Manufacturing, repairing, steal work and pipe work.
  • Steel renewals, welding of steel plated
  • Supply for all kind of spare parts


  • Ducts overhaul, repair and disinfection
  • Repair / rebuilt of ducts
  • Air condition overhaul (heating, cooling, exhaust, ventilation), maintenance, repair and disinfection
  • Refrigeration systems overhaul and maintenance
  • Robo duct cleaning


  • Bolts and ceiling insulation (stone wool, rock wool)
  • Custom made thermal insulation blankets for valves and engine exhausts (ceramic)
  • Pipe insulation for steam pipes, water pipes, air-conditioning pipes (stone wool type, armaflex type)
  • Floor epoxy lamination (bolid type)
  • Supply for all insulation materials